Math Circle

I’m the graduate coordinator of the UW - Madison Math Circle!

New mathematics is constantly being created. It is inspired by interesting questions, full of fun experiments, rife with elegant visuals, and exists for everyone to enjoy. Math Circle is an outreach program by the UW Math Department that aims to get middle and high school students inspired about and engaged in mathematics outside a classroom setting. We have weekly sessions hosted by a research faculty and graduate students in math who lead interactive discussions in a broad range of topics. For middle and high school students, this is a great chance to see interesting topics in mathematics and explore these ideas in a collaborative environment. For speakers, this is a wonderful opportunity to inspire a new generation of learners about mathematical ideas and learning collaboratively. For more information, check out our wiki page.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Karan Srivastava
Karan Srivastava
PhD Student, Mathematics

My research interests include algebraic geometry, number theory, and machine learning